Friday, 23 March 2007


We can finally announce that there IS life on Mars and MARSIPAN can prove it!

MARSIPAN is a comic animation series and website about finding life on Mars and the efforts we make to find new forms of life and to pioneer in the name of some great ideal or for something to steal. NASA spends billions on Mars exploration but can only show you barren rocky terrain. Every month Marsipan’s space probes will arrive on Mars and beam back exclusive footage for a fraction of the price.

MARSIPAN is also the home of the British Mars Exploration Programme, a whole new concept in space exploration bringing to you monthly episodes of the two following animation series:


In this series of adventures, our probes land on Mars every month and come across all variety of life forms on Mars mostly leading to the probes’ destruction. As the race for exploring and colonising Mars is hotting up, Marsipan's pioneering probes encounter not just suspicious looking Martians but also competing forces from Planet Earth; little and big green men, Elvis, George Bush, space tourists and space terrorists.
Format: 2 to 3 minutes, stop motion animation with AfterEffects


The Pubcast - a revolutionary new digital platform.
Ingredients: one pub, one professor and a few pints.
Professor Pillock Colander, founder and leader of the British Mars Exploration Programme shares his wisdom directly from his office in the Green Man Tavern over a few pints of bitter of course.
Format: 1 to 2 minutes, 2D animation

Take a look around the room and meet Marsipan’s team of leading scientists behind the fight to keep Britain at the highest echelon of space travel. Marsipan explores Mars like nobody else! The scientists in the British Mars Centre spend endless tea breaks discussing the best way to land a probe in a Martian crater and many a pub crawl had ended with a revolutionary design scribbled on a beer mat.
Regular updates of fly-on-the-wall observations.
Format: 1 to 2 minutes, 2D animation

Every Tuesday, subscribers receive breaking news and in depth analysis from the heart and soul of Marsipan. Professor Colander, Marsipan’s own resident Patrick Moore, will reveal space secrets in his 'Ask the Professor' challenge and Flight Director Barnaby Bottomley will demonstrate how scientists can be great artists too.....

Flight Director’s Poem of the Week
Here's terza rima verse on outer space,
(A favourite of Dante's and of mine)
I think that Mars is my most favourite place.

Just thinking of it tingulates my spine,
I love its barren wastes and reddish rocks.
Unbreathable, its atmosphere is fine.

I love its sand, its mountains and its flocks
Of Martian geese, who honk at Martian voles.
A wormhole means it's also where lost socks
Can go to find their final resting holes.

Martiandise is available through Spreadshirt. You can buy exclusive Marsipan designs: T-shirts, Hoodies, Jackets, bags, mugs and other gifts.

DVDs and downloads,
Coming soon!

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